Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Hierarchy

The human perception of their wholeness is limited and so their perception of First Source as well. This situation is created by the Hierarchy not only in this planetary system of earth but also on other star systems as well. But on this era of transparency this stronghold is slowly loosing its grip as its power is also fragmented.There will come the time when the human species as a whole will realize of its wholeness and their simultaneous embodiments on various star systems, dimensions, space and time, both now, in the past and in the future. Actually our brain is designed for that kind of simultaneous learning although most of us would not aware of it yet.  But for now this tone vibration of equality is still fragmented, enabling the external force to take control. These all are part of a primal blue print.
If the entity is a conscious collective, it will realize of its sovereign wholeness, and the principle of free will become a form of structure that was unnecessary. That is why the entity is fragmented into its component parts, and the reason is to limit its comprehension of free will to that which was intended by the Hierarchy.
Most entities are unknowing of their wholeness, and so there will emerge a structure as a form of self-imposed security. And through this structured universe, entities defined their limits and borders through the expression of their insecurity.
Slowly and gradually they became pieces and parts of their own wholeness, but it bear little or no resemblance at all to their aggregate beauty.
The entity is the animating energy that is always in search of higher understanding and expression. The entity is sovereign and interconnected with all life through this Source Intelligence.
The insights and understandings that you develop may not change humanity’s course one millimeter, but it surely will change your ability to have a sense of where humanity is moving and why.
First Source has several lower faces that are often thought to be God Itself, but Gods are a dimensional aspect of First Source and yet there are many faces of God as well. This is the work of the Hierarchy not the First Source which is not beholden to any law nor does IT operate in conjunction with any other power. IT is truly sovereign and ubiquitous and thus, Unique. IT is not wary of life in any way. IT simply is incomprehensible except through the vibration encoded within all life.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Unification Force

The carrier circuits within the DNA transmits traits and even forms of intelligence through a reality membrane that is sub-quantum. It's an ingredient of the unification force that propagates new traits and understandings from the few to the many. It enables the transmission of a new insight across a spectrum of a species that resonates with the insight or trait, and it does it without physical interaction.
God is everywhere because it's the unification force, but paradoxically, being the unification force it is also unique. There are four primary forces at play in the universe: weak nuclear, strong nuclear, gravity, and electromagnetic. These are actually facets of a singular force, more primal and absolutely causative.
Einstein worked nearly thirty years trying to prove this unification theory, but never found an answer. No one has. This force possesses an unmistakable consciousness. It is neither chaos nor order. It is both. And it flows between the worlds of chaos and order like a sine wave flows between positive and negative amplitude.
Our formless consciousness is like a sphere with many spokes leading outwards from its central core. Each of these connects into the vertical time continuum through forms, and these forms -- human or otherwise -- feed the formless consciousness with insights about the different reality membranes in which it has form. In this, the forms of the formless bring it awareness of different reality membranes, which is then processed by the formless and passed on through the unification force to God.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Blueprint of Exploration

The blueprint of exploration has an intention; you are not the recipients of meticulous training only to ensure that you may enjoy endless bliss. There is a purpose concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe. The furtherance of the system of human progression is cultivated for the explicit purpose to merge the human species with other species from different universes.
There are planetary minds, solar, galactic, and a singular universal mind. The universal mind is the mind of God. Each galaxy has a collective consciousness that is the aggregation of all of the species present within that galaxy. The universal mind creates the initial blueprint for each of the galaxies. This initial blueprint creates the genetic code seeded within a galaxy. God designed each galaxy's genetic code with a different set of behaviors.
All other dimensions are connected to the genetic mind and have no connection to Source Reality. The genetic mind, as a reflection of Source Reality, is completely and utterly inept. This is part of the primal blueprint that designs the evolutionary pathway of a species. The genetic mind acts as a buffer to experience separation from Source Reality. In this way, the human instrument is entangled in time, space, and the illusions of a disempowered belief system.
Source Codes are imbedded "activators" within the entity consciousness. They awaken the human instrument to the multidimensionality of the entity and the liberating information within the entity consciousness. Source Codes are analogous to the genetic coding of DNA to the extent that Source Codes activate specific blueprints of transformation that facilitate the expansion of consciousness. Source Codes catalyze the awakening of the human instrument to make the quantum leap from a socialized human to a sovereign entity that is aware of its connection to All That Is.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Era of Transparency and Expansion

There are multitudes of facet for the cause of the era of transparency and expansion. The purpose of this new era is the transfer of knowledge, relative to the Sovereign Integral, so that humanity can live in the behaviors of the Sovereign Integral on earth through authentic self-expression. In summary, the reign of deceptions, the systems of cover-up, will be gradually dismantled, and as this macro-process unfolds, First Source may inhabit the dimensional worlds for the First Time.
And in various spiritual texts this has been referred to as Heaven on Earth. In Lyricus, this is referred to as the Grand Portal, although the precise meaning may be somewhat different but the general phenomena is the same.
The human instrument consist of a component that is individuated as a single point of a pure energy, yet live in many places on many dimensions simultaneously. Only within the entity, there is the place of transformation, where the formless Self can enter and commune with its various outposts of form. In this case, the formless is the Eternal Watcher who lives behind the veil of form and comprehension, and draws the wisdom of time from the well of planets. It is the point of origin from where Source Intelligence flows.
The Eternal Watcher is the only real interpretive center. It is the stable guidance system that can propel the entity to its wholeness. Thus, the entity is composed of the formless identity of Source Intelligence and the form identity of densified energy. Although the formless is one, the form is in many fragments of expression that isolate consciousness as islands of perception and expression. This results in the entity’s denial of its glorious nature.
The mind attempts to reach and touch the subtle vibration of Source equality that is always rekindled by Source Intelligence. But because the mind is too conditioned and disempowered to realize the total scope of the entity that exists beyond the image of  intuition. And it is because of this reason that the species is exploring the evolution (saviorship) model of existence. It is because the entity has become fragmented in how it perceives its total selfhood, and it has little or no conception of their wholeness, that it requires a savior to "save" itself.
If you are evolving using the hierarchical process you gain an increasing sense of freedom, but you are still under the control of the vibration of externals through languages, forms, frequencies of color and sound, and the indelible artifacts of genetic mind. Each of these elements can cause the human instrument to rely upon the hierarchy as it imbues a sense of inequality between you and the Source. The equation of the evolutionary process is human instrument + Hierarchy = God. While the transformational process is Entity + Source Intelligence = Prime Source equality.
Source Intelligence which is generally manifests as the vibration of equality is subject to the will of First Source, and as the Source intention changes with the various stages of the Grand Experiment, Source Intelligence is also changing its form of manifestation. The First Source is beginning to set the stage for the integration of the two primary models of existence (evolution/saviorship and transformational/ mastership) within the Grand Experiment.
It is time to integrate the dominant model of the hierarchy (evolution) with the dominant model of Source Intelligence (transformation). This can be achieved only at the level of the entity. It would nor occur in the context of human instrument or an aspect of the hierarchy. It is only the entity – the wholeness of the inter-dimensional sovereignty imbued with Source Intelligence – which can facilitate and totally experience the integration of these two models of existence.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Theories of Evolution

The equations of evolution are complex and invisible to the mind of the human. It is not merely the re-association with the Source vibration that draws the Wholeness Navigator to it divinity and its capabilities. This equation carries thousands upon thousands of important elements bundled in a coherent path.
Evolutionary circuits are dependent on complex systems, so vast and multifaceted that words only serve to bring focus on one element only and this element is never – in itself – powerful enough to catalyze the evolutionary path.
Theories of evolution are simply layered upon an existing paradigm of a mechanical universe that consists of molecular machines operating in an objective reality that is knowable with the right instruments. The truth of the universe is that reality is unknowable with any instrument. The perception of wholeness is unfolding because the culture of the multidimensional universe is rooted in unity. As the wholeness navigator reveals itself in the coming shift, you will restructure your perceptions of who you are, and the humanity will emerge like a river of light from what was once a fog.
If humanity knows that this secret root is the carrier of the Language of Unity, then humanity can become responsible stewards of more than the earth, its solar system, its galaxy and its universe. Humanity can be stewards of the soul and transform it into what we are. Regardless of our position on the evolutionary time line, we are encoded to re-ascend the stairs of the universe. It is our journey. All will make the journey.
The multiverse is a collection of reality membranes, clustered together in a dimensional matrix that responds to the thought circuits and gravity fields of our consciousness. Through evolutionary timescales we have been trained to accept the three-dimensional world as our reality. These reality membranes are not structured like rungs of a ladder, but rather are like lattices of interlocking cells.
The Age of Enlightenment is the age of living in the multidimensional universe and appreciating its wholeness and then expressing this appreciation through the mind and body into the world of time and space. This is the seed vision.
You are a holographic entity that is woven throughout all things, and when you touch into this feeling, you awaken a frequency of your consciousness that will guide you into our world. You have no reason to believe us, yet deep inside you know our words have no other purpose than to awaken a part of you long dormant.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reality Matrix

If matter ultimately dissolves into octaves of light, and light dissolves into octaves of consciousness, and consciousness dissolves into octaves of reality, then matter, light, consciousness, and reality are all interdependent like an ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, if you change one element ultimately you will affect the whole. Isolating any of the elements contained within LERM (light encoded reality matrix), and by changing it, it can change reality. And this is a fundamental construct of BST (blank slate technology).
LERM is the equivalent of genetics for consciousness, and consciousness is the equivalent of reality formulation for sentient beings on life bearing planets. If LERM is understood, one understands the causal system that operates in non-space and non-time, which basically constructs the reality framework of matter, energy, space, and time. Quantum objects operating in the construct of LERM have an outlook that is totally different from macro objects like this chair or table.
In their true state - quantum objects - have never been seen by any human. Scientists have witnessed the effects and some of the characteristics of quantum objects, but their causal nature is not visible through scientific instruments -- no matter how powerful they are, because scientific instruments are physical and therefore have a relationship to space and time. While quantum objects have no relationship to time and space other than through an observer.
Consciousness originates from non-space and non-time as a form of energy that is a basic building block of LERM. Consciousness becomes localized as it becomes physical. In other words, consciousness becomes animal, or human, or plant or some other objects that has physical characteristics.
As consciousness becomes a localized physical object, it basically orchestrates LERM to conform to a reality matrix that has been encoded into the genetic or physical properties of the object it has become. Thus, consciousness moves from non-time and non-space to become matter, and then it orchestrates LERM to produce a physical reality consistent to the encoded genetic properties of the physical object it has become. If that object is a human being, then the genetic triggers that are uniquely human become the tools of consciousness from which it constructs its own reality matrix.
LERM is essentially an infinite field of possibilities, or, Potentia, as Aristotle referred to it. This Potentia is like fertile ground from which physical objects are created. Those who can orchestrate LERM through the application of their consciousness are able to manifest reality instantaneously and not simply react to it, because quantum objects originate in non-time and non-space.
Quantum objects become increasingly refined until they become pure light energy and cease to have mass of its own. They are not of physical reality, but rather become a pure-state energy. This energy is segmented into further octaves of vibration. In short, this light energy vibrates, and like music, there are fundamentals and harmonics. The harmonics resonate with the fundamental energy vibration and the whole energy sings like a choir--except that its voice is light.
This singing, is the equivalent of a consciousness that pervades all matter--every physical object in the entire universe. Someone has successfully proven this all-pervasive consciousness or what he calls the Light-Encoded Reality Matrix or LERM. LERM is just one of the new theorems that were required in order to prove that BST (blank state technology) was indeed a possibility, and not just a fanciful vision inside the mind of somebody.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Access Point

The higher Self working with Spirit is always the activator, informing the human instrument on the fundamental truths of the six heart virtues even before the individual can read or speak. These are basic understandings, coming from the shared pool of wisdom that is the Living Truth, and this is the very same that angels and enlightened beings draw from. This is the access point that every student of Spirit seeks.
Once it is found it becomes yours. Once it is found, you will realize that the circuitry of the heavens, of the material galaxies, star systems—and right down to the planet in your own human instrument—all are aligned in a coherent design that makes the access point to the shared pool of wisdom. The only thing that you need to do is to activate the etheric antenna transmitter, which is —listen to your heart. And then maintain and expand this activation by living a love-centered life.
It is simple since there is no complexity here because it is natural. It is with the grain, where the friction of effort is removed, and because of the incoming energetics in this time, the task is even simpler.
It has to do with the inner guidance, without this inner guidance we will have a hard time finding the finest grain realities, as they are very often unnoticed in the everyday experience of a typical person. And this is because of the old paradigm following us around like a tired shadow. It will tell us to not talk to strangers, and to not look into the eye of a person, to obsess about the external outward appearances of things, to be quiet unless we are spoken to. All of these things dull our connection to the inner Spirit that maintains and develops our activation.
It is necessary to express the six heart virtues : forgiveness, appreciation, valor, humility, understanding, and compassion into the smallest corners of your life. There is no need of specific examples because with each example, it may conceal another inadvertently and the whole purpose of the post-activation journey is to become sovereign and self-responsible. It is important to look into the areas of your life that seem insignificant to your mind, but have a certain magnetism to your heart.